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About Me

I started baking and cooking when I was a teenager.  Art, design and baking have been my passion.

I worked in one of the top-of-the-line bakeries in Iran for 4 years baking sweets, decorating cakes and generally learning how to use my hands to create pretty and delicious baked goods.

Then, I decided to expand my experience and started working in a luxurious place in Tehran as an event planner and designer, planning weddings, birthdays, parties, doing flower arrangement and staging for almost 12 years.

In 2012, I moved to Canada to start a new life and joined a professional culinary, baking and pastry art school in Vancouver to acquire an academic knowledge of baking and to improve my cooking skills. To this end I received the RED SEAL in 2019, which is the highest certificate issued to professional chefs in Canada.

Baking is my passion, and I hope that with my baking skills I can put a smile on your face and bring happiness to you and your family and friends.

Our Mission

We believe in homemade sweets from scratch, the way our grandparents used to make them. Always with fresh ingredients, preferably local and mostly Organic, in small batches and importantly, made to be eaten immediately. That means nothing sits around for days or weeks, no preservatives or additives and no large machines doing all the work that two lovely hands do best.

When ordering, feel good knowing your sweets, depending what they are, are made 1-3 hours before pick up/delivery.

An experience with Brilliant Star Bakery is a journey back home, when things were less complicated, less processed and just tasted authentic and good.

Let us know what you do and do not want in your baked goods. we will try our best to meet those requests by sourcing ingredients for you, or using ingredients supplied by you.

At Brilliant Star Bakery, you always have direct contact with us, including personal line for questions and ordering.

We are always up for new creations and encourage new flavor suggestions as well as researching childhood or cultural sweets to bring back to life.